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Dragon Age: Obliteration will be an RP-based storyline co-written by User:Sadow-sama and his peers.


It is a trying time for all races in Thedas. The Tevinter Imperium have reignited their long-heated conflicts with the Qunari, and the Chantry are further losing grip on Mages throughout Ferelden and the Free Marches. Further compounding the issue is the boom of the Dwarven economy and re-use of Golems. As the Dwarves and Grey Wardens push deeper into the Deep Roads, could this be the end of the Darkspawn... or the emergence of a greater threat?


Sadow Yatsumaru - A Chasind barbarian with a simplistic view of the world but a very characteristic sense of curiosity.

Bael Armarggon - A surface Dwarven Blacksmith and Trader who opposes the Golem Initiative.