'Delia' (born 8:74 Blessed) was once a member of the Dalish elf clan Fellasan, and its First to the Keeper.  After awakening powers in her bloodline on accident her clan exiled her.


Life in Clan

Born into a Dalish clan Delia grew up in the culture of her people, learning the ancient history of the elves .  When she was young we discovered she was a Mage and was made into the clan's First.  While learning the history of the elves as well as her clan she learned of Cynfor, a Keeper of her clan from the Towers Age for has been put in a light of shame for his deal with a demon during his time, and throughout the ages thoses related to him have always end up causing harm to the clan.  While being the First Delia maintained friendships with other clanmates.

Power Awaken and Exile

When she turned seventeen Delia started preparing to receive her Vallaslin.  She would choose to have the Mythal Vallaslin.  During the blood writing she embraced the pain and did not speak.  But as soon as the last stroke was finished a power awakened in her and unleashed itself, knocking everyone away except the Keeper who defended himself wit ha barrier.  The first thing the Keeper noticed was a new purple tint to Delia's green eyes and immediately pieced together she was a descendent of Cynfor.

The Keeper would calm her and explain the situation to her, taking her away from the clan.  He revealed that he has perpared for such an occasion as he gave her bag of supplies.  Delia begged the Keeper to let her remain as the Dalish was the only thing she had ever known.  The Keeper denied her, saying that the clan would not accepted her and that he was protecting her from them.  After a tearful goodbye Delia fled from her clan.

Personality and Traits






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