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Constantin (born 8:74 Blessed), formally known by the title Prince Avitus, is a Tevinter nobleman and Altus Magister related to Archon Radonis and his ruling dynasty. He was appointed to the position of Chancellor of the Imperial Senate by the Archon in 9:40 Dragon, as part of a program of government reforms.


Born to one of the high noble Altus families of the Tevinter Imperium, Constantin eventually inherited his father's hereditary title of Prince Avitus, one of the several princely peerage titles that existed in the Imperium.

From 9:18 to 9:24 Dragon, Prince Avitus served as the Imperial Ambassador in Antiva City, representing the Archon at the royal court of the King of Antiva. He performed well there and forged several agreements on behalf of the Imperium with the Antivan merchant lords.