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Codex entry: A Letter from the Hero of Ferelden

Codex text

Before becoming known as the Hero of Ferelden, Aedan Cousland was the son of Bryce Cousland, Teryn of Highever. When Arl Rendon Howe's forces attacked Castle Cousland and murdered most of the Cousland family, the Hero escaped to safety with Warden-Commander Duncan, who then recruited him into the Order.

After defeating the Archdemon and ending the Fifth Blight, Aedan took up the mantle of Warden-Commander. He began the task of rebuilding the Order in Ferelden, serving with honor until his disappearance several years later.

After the Siege of Adamant Fortress...
More recently, the Inquisition has discovered that he has gone west in search of a way to cure the Calling.

To His Worship, Inquisitor Trevelyan:

I appreciate your warning regarding Corypheus. Fortunately, my own search has taken me out of the area where the supposed magister is operating, and while I have encountered challenges of my own, they have not involved any weakness related to my Grey Warden abilities.

As I have little useful information to offer, please accept the accompanying gifts instead. If, in my quest, I find anything that may be of use to you in your fight against Corypheus, I will send it to you immediately.

I have also included a note of a personal nature for Leliana.

I was not there for the death of Divine Justinia, but I know it will have hurt her terribly. While her wits and her skill are amazing, Leliana's greatest strength lies in her faith, and to have Justinia die strikes at her very core. I beg you, if she is faltering, help her find her way back into the light.

Warden-Commander Cousland of Ferelden

—Excerpt from a letter sent to the Inquisition by Aedan