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The Chancellor of the Realm or Lord High Chancellor is a senior position of government and authority in the Kingdom of Ferelden. The position of Chancellor is somewhat analogous to that of a seneschal or Regent: he/she chairs the privy council and acts for and speaks with the authority of the King/Queen of Ferelden. The Chancellor is typically considered to be the second-most-powerful position in the kingdom alongside the Regent.


A hand is often used as the symbol of the Chancellor of the Realm, such as on the wax seals of letters. The Chancellor's badge of office is shaped like a mabari on top of a hand, such as a brooch or a gold necklace with a repeated hand design.


The amount of power each Chancellor wields varies depending on the king. Some kings are very hands-on in governance and in this case the Chancellor acts as a facilitator and advisor. In many cases, the king has no interest in the small decisions and day-to-day running of the kingom, and in this case the Chancellor wields immense and semi-autonomous power.

The Chancellor's most noticeable authority is chairing meetings of the privy council, discussing and debating policies and deciding which matters need to be brought to the king's attention.

History of the position[]

It is unknown if the position of Chancellor existed when Calenhad the Great united Ferelden, was a tradition among Andrastian nations, or if it was a new position created after the Fifth Blight ended.

Known Chancellors of the Realm[]