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Caspian Van-Markham-Vael is a member of both the Nevarran Co-Royal Family of Van-Markham and the Vael Family, as well as a former Templar Knight-Captain and current Grey Warden-Commander of the Grey. A Prince of both Nevarra and Starkhaven, Caspian would later enlist in the Templar Order rising quickly through their ranks to a position of influence, due in no small part to his families political connections to many nobility and also an equal part because of his skill. Caspian holds the distinction of being the only Warden-Commander to maintain a position of political influence in spite of his Warden Duties.


Born as a result of then reigning Prince Vael having an affair with a Nevarran Princess from the Van Markham family, Caspian was raised at Starkhaven for most of his life. At an early age, Caspian showed an extreme martial promise earning him a trip to Orlais where he studied at the Chevalier Academy and afterwards the Orlaisen University.


Personality and Traits[]


Early Life and History[]

Caspian as the elder half-brother of Sebastien Vael was only spared a life in a chantry because he was also part of the Nevarran Co-Royal Family of Van-Markham. Nevertheless, he was sent away to Orlais to study at both Orlais's Academic University as well as it's Chevalier Academy.

Academic Career[]

During his time there, he became acquainted with both Leliana and Josephine Montilyet. Caspian proved himself to be a capable Academic and Warrior, earning the attention of Grand Duke Gaspard who took the young Free Marcher under his wing.

With Gaspard's Patronage and Tutelage, Caspian earned himself a small title amongst Orlaisen Nobles and a position at the Orlaisen Court.

It was through this position that Caspian first met First Enchanter Vivienne and became determined to become a Templar.

Homeward Bound[]

Becoming a Templar[]