• Chronias

    Elahriel Lavellan

    February 5, 2017 by Chronias

    Elahriel Sheraiselas Lavellan was a potential supporting character of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    A Dalish Mage and a member of the Inquisition, who was recruited by her brother, the Lord Inquisitor, Mahanon Lavellan, and served the organization as an Elven language philology expert. She was often working together with other allied mages, scolars, scouts and Dalish elves lending her profound understandig of and offbeat approach to Elven language, lore, and especially in interpreting Veilfire runes.

    Elahriel was born in the Dalish camp of the Lavellan clan travelling along the nothern borders of the Free Marches to the Keeper's Second, Sheraiselas and the hunter, Avisdial Lavellan.

    Her mother, Sheraiselas, came to the Lavellan clan from Ralaferin …

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  • Chesch1reSmile


    November 18, 2014 by Chesch1reSmile

    Would someon please tell me Sandal's story, or some real theories. I need to know.

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  • Tevinter

    Improving the Wiki

    March 28, 2011 by Tevinter

    I have been granted bureaucrat rights from central wikia, and now I'm looking for ways to improve the aesthetics of the wiki. Whoever is interested in this wiki project, please put forward your ideas for improving the wiki. Remember to contribute!

    • We need a background. I would recommend using a picture as opposed to a color, but it has to be one that looks good while tiled over or can meld unnoticeable into a color. For example, if the background of the picture is blue, it can meld into a blue background.
    • The main page needs a redo. Nothing special, but similiar to Mass Effect fanon's.
    • We need a set of clearly defined rules.
    • Most Importantly: New Articles!

    I look forward to building this with you!

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