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Character Benji

Benji - Dragon Age
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Rogue
Title: Captain
Specialization: Archer/Duelist


Appearances: Coming Soon

Benji (born 9:11 Dragon) is an accomplished Rivaini duelist and lyrium smuggler in service of a Tevinter-based cartel. After losing a shipment of Lyrium during a Chantry attack on his ship, he is forced to work off his debt. For this, he got help from Miles Milheim, but after Alryn Cendril forced him out of Minrathous, this task got a lot more difficult.


Benji was born in Llomerryn and from a young age he had been aboard many ships, making little difference wether it was the Rivaini Navy or a pirate ship.

During his voyages, he became fascinated with Lyrium and it's many uses, and quickly learned to use it to enhance his Archery skills. This helped him climb the ladder of fame within the Rivaini underworld.

Luck would have it that the tampering with Lyrium didn't kill him or cause him to go crazy yet, and soon he became one of the youngest smuggler captains of his generation.

From there on out, his success seemed to know no bounds, he became involved with a Tevinter Lyrium cartel after buying a ship on money loaned from a Nevarran mercenary crew.

Thinking they'd never find him at sea, they found him in Amaranthine, but a timely intervention from Miles and his friends, he managed to escape them. He did not forget the ones that came to his assistance and promised them a lift by sea to Orlais.

Off the coast of the Free Marches however, they were engaged by Seeker Ships. Benji's ship was destroyed, and with it, a full cargo hold of Lyrium. This put him in great debt, and to ensure his safety he tagged along with Miles. Miles and Benji became best friends, and when they went back to Tevinter he started working off his debt, with Ymgar Dace, for the cartel, when he learned that Miles was captured by House Cendril, and Benji bribed the Tevinter Authorities to act against them and free Miles. Despite the fact he was up to his neck in debts.

Miles and Benji continued working off the debt, but Alryn quickly attacked the Cartel he worked for and it was quickly exposed that Benji's stories that he told the group while Alryn was still travelling with them were the reason that he was so effective. Benji incurred the wrath of the Tevinter Cartel as well as House Cendril, and with Miles, escaped to Kirkwall.