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Prince Bastien de Chalons is the son and heir of Emperor Gaspard I de Chalons and Lady Calienne de Ghislain, and a former Knight-Divine of the Templar Order. An accomplished warrior and administrator, Bastien is the youngest Chevalier in Orlaisen History, as well as the University of Orlais's most famous graduate, having completed Chevalier training at fifteen and graduated from the University of Orlais in two years.

Bastien is revered in the Free Marcher Principality of Starkhaven for fighting against Prince Goran the Usurper and saving Prince Sebastian Vael and the larger Vael Family from a Dragon.

A veteran of the Fifth Blight, Bastien is fondly remembered in Ferelden for leading the 16th Orlaisen Chevalier Brigade and five hundred Starkhaven Templars to aid Ferelden at the Battle of Denerim.

Named as the Champion of Starkhaven and Bastien the Dragonslayer eight years before the Mage-Templar War, Bastien would be promoted from Knight-Commander to the first publicly acknowledged Knight-Divine, and served directly at the side of Divine Justinia V.

Shortly before the peace-talks at the Temple of Sacred Ashes, Bastien would join Divine Justinia's personal Honor Guard for the event. As a result of the Elder One's attack on the Divine Conclave, Bastien together with his apprentice Anasterian Trevelyan, Anasterian's Twin Sister Evelyn-Cynn, and The Elves Mahannon and Ellana Lavellan, the Dwarf Edric Cadash and the Vashoth Qunari Mercenary Herah Adaar, would be chosen to hold a split Anchor, a rare and relatively unheard-of phenomenon.

Following The Exalted Council, Bastien would retire from being the Inquisitor in order to focus more on being the Imperial Crown Prince of Orlais and raising a family.


Early Life[]

Born in 8:96 Blessed Age, to the then-heir apparent of the Empire of Orlais, Bastien de Chalons was born to Gaspard de Chalons and his wife, Lady Calienne de Ghislain. Named after his maternal grandfather, and born with lofty expectations on his future accomplishments, Bastien was born nine years before his mother's murder.

Education by Lady Mantillon[]

As part of a semi-acknowledged tradition, and a precursor to Bastien's greater education, his parents decided to have Dowager Marquise Mantillon educate Bastien before they enrolled him into the Academie de Chevalier.

At the age of five, Bastien was entrusted to her care. Through Lady Mantillon's instruction and care, Bastien was revealed to be highly intelligent and calculating. Lady Mantillon was known to have proclaimed at court; "Bastien de Chalons is my most promising student yet!"

However, at the age of seven, tragedy born of intrigue which itself had been borne of the Grand Game.

Death of Lady Calienne[]

In 9:03 Dragon Age, in retaliation for his mother ordering the assassination of Clarissa de Montfort, Bastien's mother was murdered by Grand Duke Reynaud Valmont and Duke Prosper de Montfort. Due to his age and the fact his own Mother had explicitly ordered her own assassins to leave Celene alone, Grand Duke Reynaud and Duke Prosper chose to let Bastien live.

Further Education under Lady Mantillon[]

Following his Mother's Assassination, the decision was made by Bastien's father, Grand Duke Gaspard, for Bastien to remain under the care of Lady Mantillon. Bastien - despite his fondness for his teacher - was dissatisfied by his father's decision.

Nevertheless, Bastien was loyal to his father, and obeyed his father's decision no matter his own personal dissatisfaction.

At the eve of his Thirteenth Birthday, Lady Mantillon's granddaughter, a girl of similar age and infatuated with the dashing young Duke, seduced her way into his bed. Though scandalous, Bastien was protected by the Dowager Marquise Mantillon.

Academie de Chevalier[]

In 9:07 Dragon Age, Duke Gaspard decided that his now thirteen-year-old son, was old enough enrolled into the Academie de Chevalier. With Lady Mantillon's support, both publicly and politically, Bastien was enrolled into the prestigious institution.

During his time at the Academy, he would befriend Jecin Leandre and Celeste Thibault. Bastien, was immediately smitten with Celeste, but would not pursue who due to her relationship with Jecin.

In his Second year, Bastien met and befriended Michel de Chevin. Together the men formed one of the best fighting duos the Academie had ever seen.

When it was rumored Bastien was up for early graduation, provided he took part in the final secret test of killing Alienage Elves, Bastien who had heard the rumors confided his fears to both Michel and Jecin. The instructors who led this vile test, had quickly deduced Bastien's attraction to Celeste, and sought his patronage and by extension his fathers.

An opportunity for them to do so came when Jecin - acting on Information provided by Michel - angrily confronted Bastien's instructors. Having long sought an opportunity to gain the de Chalon's Families favor, and the instructor's having since confirmed that Jecin came from a relatively unimportant family of precious little wealth and influence, murdered him.

Suspicious of Jecin's death, and the various congratulations he'd received at losing a rival Bastien would learn from Michel about Jecin's plans. Guilt-ridden and enraged, Bastien would spend two years discovering the instructor who killed Jecin.

Quest for Vengeance[]

Over the course of two years, Bastien would refuse to seduce Celeste until Jecin was avenged. Regardless, Bastien would meet and befriend Josephine Montilyet, with whom he eventually began a non-romantic relationship with.

A year after Jecin's murder, Michel would graduate, and the Celene seeking an advantage over Gaspard would name Michel her Champion. Lady Mantillon would later tell Bastien that Celene sought an advantage specifically against him in her bid for the Imperial Throne some years later.

No longer backed by his partner, Bastien would take advantage in order to seek out Jecin's killer and graduate early. Eventually, Bastien determined that Chief Junior Chevalier Instructor Marcel of Val Firman, was responsible and began plotting his teacher's death.

Justice at Least, Lovers at Last[]

Bastien's zealous dedication and increased ferocity in the two years following Jecin Leandre's death, allowed him to qualify for an early graduation. In what made him the youngest graduate in the history of the Academie de Chevalier, Bastien at the age of seventeen became a Chevalier.

As part of the final secret test, Marcel led Bastien and a dozen recruits into the alienage to wet their blades on the city elves. After getting Marcel alone, Bastien murdered him with a slow acting poisonous dart, before slicing his blades on Marcel's leg to feign completing the initiation.

Finding his way to Celeste's rooms at the University of Val Royeaux, Bastin confided that he'd gotten justice for Jecin. Celeste - by this point in love with Bastien - would sleep with him the night before he swore his oath as a Chevalier before the usual crowds and Emperor Florian.

Meeting the Divine[]

Shortly after taking his oath as a Chevalier, Bastien met with Divine Beatrix III and confided that he was considering eventually joining the Templar Order. Beatrix cautioned him and advised he take some time to think it over. Taking the Divine's advice, Bastien agreed and decided that he would continue his education at the University of Orlais and would attend there for two years to further his education.

Entering the University[]

Bastien entered the University of Orlais at age fifteen, having completed his Chevalier training four years faster than most did. Whilst at the University, Bastien chose to focus his studies on the reigns, policies, and histories of the Royal Families of Ferelden, Starkhaven, and Nevarra, with his second focus being on obscure and old languages and dialects.

Second Record-Breaking Graduation[]

On account of his secondary focus, Bastien becoming naturally fluent in Tevene, Elvish, Qunlat, and High Dwarven, though he did struggle with Qunlat. Through his primary focus, Bastien learned much about Dragons and how to hunt them, a study that would save his life and many others own lives years later. Bastien eventually graduated from the University of Orlais in 9:13 Dragon age with full honors, becoming the youngest graduate in History for both the University and the Academie de Chevalier.

Joining the Templar order[]

Having completed both his marshal and academic educations, Bastien reiterated his desire to become a Templar to Divine Beatrix. Though she tried again to dissuade him, feeling his future as bright as it seemed may be wasted in the Order, Beatrix eventually conceded to his request and gave him her recommendation. Thus Bastien was sent to the Order's Fortress in Nevarra for training