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Vigils Keep

Vigil's Keep, seat of the Arl of Amaranthine.

Arl of Amaranthine (female equivalent: Arlessa of Amaranthine) is a title held by the ruler of the ancient fortress of Vigil's Keep, the capital of Amaranthine in Ferelden. The holder is the ruler of the entire region of the Arling of Amaranthine.

House Howe—a vassal of House Cousland—ruled as the Arls of Amaranthine for twelve generations until 9:30 Dragon when Rendon Howe betrayed his liege lord Teyrn Bryce Cousland and massacred almost the entire Cousland bloodline during the Fifth Blight. The royal house of Ferelden, House Theirin, stripped House Howe of all their lands and titles as punishment for Rendon's treachery after the Battle of Denerim. Amaranthine, however, was granted to the Grey Wardens as a reward for their service.

The current Arl of Amaranthine is Aedan Cousland, who governed the region since 9:31 Dragon.