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Ser Anasterian Markus Isah Trevelyan of Ostwick, best known as the Inquisitor, Herald of Andraste, and The Redeemer, is a former Leader of the Inquisition. Having long since retired in order to start a family by the time a new Leader arose.

As the Mage-Templar War continued to ravage the world, Anasterian and several members of his family attended a summit hosted by the Chantry at Haven in the hopes of making peace between the Templars and mages. However, after a cataclysmic explosion killed everyone except him, the Veil was sundered and caused a huge tear across Thedas known as "the Breach". Although he was initially suspected by many for causing the death of Divine Justinia V, Anasterian proved his innocence by using a strange magical mark on his hand to seal multiple Fade rifts and was tasked with discovering who is responsible for the outbreak.

Following his first successful sealing of the Breach, Anasterian found himself under attack by Corypheus, where it is revealed that the ancient darkspawn was the culprit responsible for the conclave’s destruction. Haven was soon destroyed in an avalanche and Anasterian narrowly managed to escape with his life. In response to this new threat, Anasterian became leader of the reformed Inquisition. By recruiting the Templars into his ranks and helping Empress Celene Valmont I remain on the throne, the Inquisitor played a major role in ending the Mage-Templar War and Orlesian civil war. He also fought alongside the Grey Wardens against a Venatori plot to enslave the Order’s mages for Corypheus’s purposes. After scoring a major victory in the Battle at the Arbor Wilds, the Inquisitor defeated Corypheus by killing his Red Lyrium dragon and used the Anchor to banish him to the Fade, destroying his body in the process. He was declared a hero of southern Thedas and worked to assist devastated nations with reconstruction efforts.

Two years later, in the face of increasing political pressure from both Ferelden and Orlais, Anasterian re-structured the Inquisition to serve as Divine Victoria's personal honor guard and peacekeeping force. Prior to his decree, Anasterian thwarted a Qunari plot to invade southern Thedas although he was forced to amputate his left arm when the Anchor’s magic became dangerously unstable. He continues to lead the Inquisition on a smaller scale and now seeks to prevent his former companion Solas’ plans of destroying the world by finding agents he is unaware of and, if possible, to redeem him.


Born on the twenty-fourth day of Harvestmere 9:15 Dragon, Lord Anasterian Markus Isah Trevelyan was born as the youngest child of Bann Trevelyan, head of House Trevelyan.

The Trevelyan's are nobility from Ostwick, a city-state on the southern coast of the Free Marches. It is an old distinguished family, in good standings among its peers, and with strong ties to the Chantry. Its youngest sons and daughters, those third or fourth-born children, with little chance of becoming heirs, often join the Chantry to become templars or clerics.

Anasterian initially enjoyed a life of privilege, yet detested the idea of being expected to follow suit towards a similar path in service of the Maker as a devout and loyal Andrastian—regardless of his personal feelings or motivations. His older sister, Evelyn-Cyn, was sent to the Circle of Magi before fleeing to join the mage rebellion.


Whether he was willing or not, in 9:41 Dragon, Anasterian was sent to the Temple of Sacred Ashes as a representative of his family’s interests, along with other distant relatives in the Chantry to aid in the proceedings of a peace summit between leaders of the Chantry and the mage rebellion.

However, it didn’t go well as an explosion caused a huge Veil tear across Thedas. He, alongside his older sister Evelyn-Cyn, a Dwarf Edric Cadash, and an Elf Mahannon Lavellan were the only survivors of a tear, referred to as "the Breach", emerging unscathed after the explosion whilst others died. As he regained consciousness, Anasterian and the others finds themself in the Fade with no memory of how they got there except remembering being chased by encroaching fearling demons and a female figure of golden light helping them to escape. After emerging from the Breach, Anasterian and the others pass out once again and is captured by Chantry forces.