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Character Alryn Cendril

Race: Elf-blooded Human
Gender: Male
Class: Mage
Title: Head of House Cendril
Specialization: Blood Magic

Cendrilus (Maternal Uncle)

Unnamed Mother

Unknown Elven Father

Appearances: Coming Soon

Alryn Cendril (born 9:5 Dragon) is a Tevinter Nobleman who has recently become head of his house, and hopes to elevate it in the hierarchy by all means.


Alryn was born in Minrathous, Tevinter, in a harsh environment of a troubled noble house, Cendril. The house had money-issues and the big names within it turned on one another blaming eachother for the troubles.

Alryn was unwanted by his mother, as he was elf-blooded. His uncle, Cendrilus, the last in line of many of the same first name, had him sent to the Circle under a false name, when he found out about this, Alryn was nearly killed by House Cendril knights and was left for dead where he was found by a Dalish clan.

Noticing his elven traits, they decided to adopt him. He was quick to rise through the ranks and became the Keeper's first. When he started dabbling in blood magic however, the keeper tried to detain him, but he stood no chance against Alryn's blood magic, and the clan turned on him following their keeper's brutal death. Like the keeper however, they soon met their ends, by then Alryn was in Ferelden.

He hid his magic well, and joined several refugees as they went to Kirkwall, at the gates however they were denied entry, Alryn met Miles there. He followed him for a while, only to betray them once they reached Tevinter.

He first turned House Cendril against them and abandoned Miles while facing Cendrilus, who imprisoned him. The Tevinter authorities however, bribed by Benji, freed him. Alryn now took his chance, with him being the last heir to House Cendril's throne, he quickly strengthened the house's popularity, and for his final attempt to move up in the world, he declared war on illegal lyrium trade, one by one, cartels fell under Alryn's wrath and the one that employed Benji and Miles, who were working to pay off their debts, quickly fell in his sights. Indirectly, Benji's tales of the cartel aided it's demise. As Alryn used that knowledge to learn it's secrets.

He hoped to dispose of his former friends now engaged in the trade, but thanks to Ymgar , they managed to buy time to escape. Alryn continues his rise to power, in the meantime. Relishing in the defeat of another cartel.