Aiden Baird was an apostate mage and Grey Warden from Ferelden. He was born on a small farm in South Reach where he lived with his mother, father, and younger sister. Aiden's magical abilities surfaced when he was 7. He was taken to the Circle of Magi for training. In the Circle Aiden showed considerable talent in magic but out of place. As he grew he became more and more resentful of life in the Circle, living under the constant scrutiny of the Templars. By the time he was 17 he absolutely felt like he couldn't stand it anymore. He and a fellow mage who felt the same way named Anders escaped the Circle.


Early Life


Aiden was born to Clayton and Marion Baird 20 years before the Fifth Blight.

Taken by the Circle

Life in the Circle


The Fifth Blight

Journey Home

Tragedy Strikes

The Battle of Denerim

A Night in Val Royeaux

On The Run

Recruited by the Coterie

Voyage to Orlais

Masquerade Ball

Encounter with Tallis

Battle with Count Naissur

Escape from Prison

Recruited by Nathaniel Howe

Expedition to Savorin Thaig

Undergoing the Joining

Reunion with Gwen

Audience with King Alistair

Traveling into the Deep Roads

Darkspawn Attack

Lucien Lyons

The Ancient Abyss

Personaltiy and Traits


Tristan Amell



Nathaniel Howe


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