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"That's what I do. Fall out of the sky, make bad decisions, and somehow everyone still follows me." ―Aerys

Inquisitor Aerion Lucerys Aeramyx Trevelyan, popularly known as the "Herald of Andraste" is a Free Marcher assassin who served as the Inquisitor of the Second Inquisition.

A powerful and highly influential figure of his time, Inquisitor Aerion ascended as Inquisitor at the conclusion of the Mage-Templar War. Before that, Aerion was a member of House Trevelyan. A Chantry Lay Brother, Aerion was present at the Conclave when the Temple of Sacred Ashes was destroyed, which resulted in him being tossed physically into the Fade. After the explosion, Aerion was left with a magical mark on his right hand, which he continued to bear up until the defeat of the Elder One.

During his time as Inquisitor, Aerion was noted for his stoicism, pragmatic and cold realism and his intimidating presence. After Solas' betrayal, Aerion became cruel, withdrawn, unforgiving, and tyrannical, putting everything - including himself - on the line in hopes of destroying his former friend and ally.


Early life[]

Aerion was born in the dual-walled Free Marcher city of Ostwick in 9:16 Dragon. Aerion was the twin-brother of Aenys Trevelyan, who died in the womb after being strangled by the umbilical chord. As the youngest member of the Trevelyan noble family, Aerion was expected to join the Templar Order or the Chantry after becoming of age. As such, he was sent to the Chantry of Ostwick. Once there, the young Lay Brother developed a knack for stealth and subterfuge, something that would prove useful later on.

While at the Chantry, Aerion went under the tutelage of Revered Mother Gemma, a woman Aerion considered to be like a mother. As a child, Aerion was very quiet and small, which proved to be an advantage for him as he was able to quickly leave Mother Gemma's dull lectures stealthily.